Lucky Locals

Look for the Locals....They hang out around the best machines. We're talking about the frequent gambling local. The smart ones play on days when they can get a bonus for their rated play. Free Slot Play is great! 2X,5X,10X points! Free Food! Drawing Entries! When a promotional period hits the casino that's your time to cash in. $5-$50 in monthly comps is all the casual gambler now gets from their favorite players' club.


"Is this seat taken?"

          image courtesy of Fremont Hotel & Casino

In an ideal setting one should place bets on all 5 spots at the BlackJack table, locking down the table to minimize your margin of error. You rarely see this happen nowadays, so it is important to know which seat to select. (e.g. Seat 1 = S1)

It takes years of playing to really understand the complexities of seat position. Many articles written will tell u the best spot to sit is S1 or "1st Base" immediately next to the dealer's left hand. (This player will receive the first/next card dealt and make the first decision that affects the outcome of the entire table.) I agree and will sit in that spot about 75% of the time. That being said, if I'm taking up S1 where are u gonna sit?

That is the reason for this discussion. The average BJ player joins a table that already has action, meaning others have been playing, observing trends of the cards and dealer interaction.  Even if no other players are currently sitting, it is still VERY IMPORTANT as to which seat u should select.

Quite often u will see S5 or "3rd base" available.  I believe this spot takes the most skill because after everyone has made their decisions, good or bad, this position can save or devastate the entire table. All players must realize that the goal here is to beat the dealer and NOT the others at the table. Pay close attention to how the person in this position is playing.  Adjust your betting based on how 3rd base is affecting your hand.  All Amateurs: PLEASE DO NOT SIT THERE!

S3 aka "2nd base" might just be the best position for the novice player.  Based on my earlier descriptions, the novice sitting in this spot will be protected by the more skilled players at 1st & 3rd base.  As a newbie to the grind, play slow, ask questions, talk to those at the table openly between shuffles, and most importantly pay attention to the cards.

Now with 3 seats taken, your next best option is S2 (between 1st & 2nd base). I would sit here automatically if S1 is my first choice but it is occupied.  With 1st base playing properly there should be no significant difference in play. Build up a good rapport with that player to recognize your skill levels. In the event S1 decides to leave the table, quickly slide into that spot when they depart.

S4 is my least favorite spot at the table.  Unless u have been observing expert play by the other 4 players leave this seat open.   This position is being left open for those that pass by and like to disrupt the flow of the table.  Those are the ones that only have a few dollars they want to put into action, hoping for a win or two so they can pay for lunch.  They make their mistake by positioning themselves too deep into the deck without knowing the run of the cards. In the event that u are a player of average skill or above and want to play for a while have a seat and play slow.  Ask the others how things have been at the table. If no one cares to converse with u, you are gonna be at a disadvantage. S1, S2, & S3 might be making poor decisions, which will make it harder to win. You must be observant to the tendencies of the other players or you'll be just throwing away money.

Note: Some tables have 7 seats, for our purposes I will refer to them as S2b & S4b.  If you're playing at one of these tables the casino is probably using 8 decks with a $3-$5 min. bet.....Get up and find a table with only 5 seats!  The casino has a larger probability of winning because the odds are stacked in its favor. Only tourists play there and it's simply because they don't know any better.  The casinos do and will hire shills, enticing casual players with a lower min. bets (even down to $1).  These tables are always in the most visible locations of the casino or where the most traffic passes by.


Wanna make it last?

Sometimes u just want to escape.  So in the early morning or the wee hours of night, find yourself a keno machine.  Play 6 or 7 numbers (8, 9, or 10 if there is a Progressive Jackpot).  Pick your numbers and stick with them for at least 5 draws before deciding to switch.

It's 10:01am and the keno lounge is quite empty.  Have a seat. It's 10:01pm and the keno lounge is almost full. Have a seat. People always rush past this area of the casino, but it's a hidden gem.

Study the Big Board before you start your bets. Are the numbers running top to bottom, across the board, or in groups of 2's? Watch 3 or 4 games and make notes on a blank playslip. Now plan your attack, use the payoff booklet.  

There's a waitress dedicated to this area so the drinks should come quite often.  When she brings you the first drink, tip her $5 and she won't forget where you're sitting.


You have to play to win...

Fantasy 5 - CA Lottery plays every day.  $1.00 / jackpot pays $50,000 minimum. Try these numbers.....when you win, don't forget my 15%.


Penny Slots (video reels)

Many too choose from, what's your best chance of winning?  The Bonus Game.  All of these machines have a symbol combination that triggers a special game. Since the machines are programmed to pay out a certain percentage, it doesn't take into consideration if you are playing the regular game or the bonus one.  So take a look at the person next to you while they are playing the bonus game.  Decide which games payoff to your liking, then play only those! Spend only up to 20% of your bankroll trying to get the bonus.  If your machine isn't paying off, MOVE ON! Remember the goal is to hit the Jackpot (playing bonus games is just part of the fun).


Ok so you're a bit tipsy...

Some say they can't think straight after a few free drinks.  All u need to do is SLOW DOWN! The casinos comp u drinks in hopes that will lead u to making poor gambling decisions (meaning more profit for them).  The best way to compensate for that is to slow your actions. Whether it's at the tables or playing slots, there's no hurry!  So what the guys playing BlackJack with u roll their eyes because you're taking so long...it's your $$$ and your time to play.  If u can block out the distractions, you will increase your chances of winning.


On the right path...

Many don't realize it, but there's an old road that runs along I-15 towards Vegas.  Sometimes you have to go back to the old way of doing things to get where u need to go. Thru Barstow, Calico Ghost Town, & Baker; by the time u get to the stateline you should be ready for some action.  No more than $50 should be invested.  Have a drink, tip the waitress and relax.  When your hour is up, cash in and leave! It's time to make that move...on to SinCity.