Wanna make it last?

Sometimes u just want to escape.  So in the early morning or the wee hours of night, find yourself a keno machine.  Play 6 or 7 numbers (8, 9, or 10 if there is a Progressive Jackpot).  Pick your numbers and stick with them for at least 5 draws before deciding to switch.

It's 10:01am and the keno lounge is quite empty.  Have a seat. It's 10:01pm and the keno lounge is almost full. Have a seat. People always rush past this area of the casino, but it's a hidden gem.

Study the Big Board before you start your bets. Are the numbers running top to bottom, across the board, or in groups of 2's? Watch 3 or 4 games and make notes on a blank playslip. Now plan your attack, use the payoff booklet.  

There's a waitress dedicated to this area so the drinks should come quite often.  When she brings you the first drink, tip her $5 and she won't forget where you're sitting.

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